Situating Design in Alberta
"Situating Design in Alberta" is the first major publication on design in the province of Alberta, Canada. It exploress Albertan design industries including visual communication, industrial, interior, architecture, and urban planning each within the context of local design education, practice, and policy. The book is valuable as a case study of local design industries, which is a topic of growing academic and public interest in our increasingly globalized world.
My contribution is an infographic illustrating the historical milestones of industrial design in Alberta. The spreads were originally designed in 2013; the book was published in 2021.
Three spreads.
Spread 1: Illustrating early history of industrial design in Alberta, Canada.
Spread 2: Illustrating history of industrial design education in Alberta from 1960s to present day.

Spread 3: Illustrating relationship between industrial design education and current practices in Alberta.
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