Our oceans have miles of floating trash and our sea shores are filled with the waste that we create every day. The least we can do at this critical time is to recycle properly. For example, a greasy pizza box or a take-out food container with bits of food or liquid can render a whole recycling batch contaminated. Most of us are aware that this vicious cycle must be stopped so that we can preserve our planet. However, do we honestly know how and what to recycle? 
"Recycling is Culture," a collective art project organized by KENEKTID Inc., tackles the question of recycling in New York City. In each piece, the artist was asked to present an image of a waste object and to identify its respective recycling category by incorporating the recycling color code in their work. The recycling color of blue, green, and gray must be dominant in each piece. 
This theme is personally important to my body of work, so I proposed seven art pieces to illustrate the theme of recycling. 
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