CASE STUDY: Designers for Human Rights


"Designers for Human Rights" was a self-initiated collaborative project between Amnesty International, Alberta Chapter, digital design and illustration students of Guru Digital Arts College. Students were encouraged to develop visual responses to the issues of their own interest that Amnesty International advocates. Some of the topics that students chose were homelessness, child soldiers, fair trade, globalization, and many others. As a coordinator, I ran the project, arranged open discussions between Amnesty and students, designed, organized and promoted final public exhibition to raise awareness. The instructors Lee Neilsen and Josh Holinaty were responsible for art direction of their illustration students, while I was responsible for directing my design students, who were in charge of design in each illustration poster. As a result, students in both programs were encouraged to collaborate and improve their communication and direction skills.

Stage 1: Understanding the Issue. Collaborator from Amnesty International is sharing some powerful images at the group meeting
Stage 2: Design and Collaboration. 
Stage 3: Promotion and Public Display. "Designers for Human Rights" was publicly displayed at the Univeristy of Alberta, Edmonton Digital Arts College, and at Amnesty International assembly.